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Coffee Tours on the Big Island

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Akin to Northern California’s popular wine tasting tours, here the brew of the day is Kona coffee. Grown on the mountain slopes above Kailua-Kona, this is the only place in the world where certified Kona coffee is produced. Take 600 specialty coffee farms, a spattering of mills, roasters, retail outlets and museums, then cluster them in 20 miles of scenic country roads, and you’ve got the perfect excuse for a self-guided coffee tasting tour.

Most of the coffee grown in the coffee belt is cultivated on small tracts leased from Kamehameha Schools Bishop Estate, a large landowner dedicated to Hawaiian interests. The tracts average seven acres each and more than 1,200 acres are in cultivation.

Make a day of exploring the Kona coffee highlights and make sure you take some home with you.

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